Pine Mills, also known as Libery Hill and Reedsville, in the Wood County Historical Society's book, "Wood County. 1850-1900", is denoted as the first settlement in Wood County.

As early as 1850 a sawmill community called Liberty Hill was located a little southeast of where Pine Mills was established.

It is reported that this community has a school as early as 1855. Around 1860 a pottery was located in the area. In the early 1870's the community was reportedly called Reedsville for local sawmill owner, Richard G. (Dick) Reed.

In July, 1875 a post office was established with Reed as postmaster. The post office was called Pine Mills. About the same time the official name of the communtiy was changed from Reedsville to Pine Mills because another Post office called Reedsville already existed in Texas.

In 1884, Pine Mills had a population of 130. The post office closed in 1907 and by 1910 the population had dwindled to around fourty.

In 2002 the population showed only 3 and the Pine Mills Pottery business. About that time the old Shamburger Store, a local landmark that stood empty for several years, became the location for a cafe.